A.I. Firms

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping businesses around the world make better informed decisions. The human mind is excellent at pattern recognition. As the volume of information goes up it becomes increasingly difficult for people to make sense of it. AI is changing the world, improving people's ability to detect patterns and learn at a larger scale.

Why use data?
Data is at the heart of every AI company. In order for machine learning models to function well, they need data, and lots of it. The AI sector is in an arms race. In order to stay on the cutting edge you constantly need to be finding and testing data, and integrating it into your models.
Explain your data need to experts
AI firms are experts at analyzing data. Finding the right data is still an enormous challenge. The number of data providers is growing every day. The data itself from any one provider is constantly evolving. Nomad let's you describe your data needs and matches you to providers who can then respond if they can help.