Investment Bankers

Investment bankers are brought in to help companies and investors gain better visibility into and access to global financial markets. In order to provide the best advice and execution possible, bankers have a history of drawing upon the best data they can bring to bear. External data can provide insights to better inform clients on what securities to buy, how to position themselves against competing firms, or better understand their own performance in context.

Why use external data?
Data allows you to see a much broader picture of what’s going on within a company or a market.
  • For investment analysts it can give you cutting edge visibility into a company's products, its customer acquisition, its supply chain and its growth trajectory.
  • For bankers this can differentiate you from competitors and identify new customers early in their lifecycle.
Where do firms get stuck?
Investment banks are experts at understanding businesses and markets. Oftentimes their research has gaps, areas where they lack visibility. Nomad makes it easy for bankers to find data which can fill those knowledge gaps. Explain what you're trying to uncover and let the data experts, those who own and sell it, figure out if they can help. Spend your time focused on getting answers, not on endlessly searching.