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Nomad explained

Define your use case

Explain the question you need answered or intelligence you are looking for.

Search routing

Nomad Data will anonymously route your use case to data providers that likely have data to address it.

Data Providers Respond

Qualified Data providers will explain how their data and expertise can help you.

Select matches

From the data providers who have what you need, you decide which to engage.

Connect and evaluate

Discuss the details with the data provider. Choose when to reveal your identity.

Nomad in action

Define your use case

"I'm looking at investing in the European telecommunications market and need detailed information on what broadband services each carrier offers in their respective markets. I need to see how their market share in each service has changed over time for each geography going back 5 years."

Search Routing

Nomad Data will anonymously route your use case using machine learning and artificial intelligence to data providers that likely have the most relevant data. We only share your use case with providers that are most likely to help.

Data Providers Respond

Data sellers who have relevant data examine your search. They may discuss the use case internally to ensure their data is a fit. Once they are sure it is, they'll respond with detailed information on how their data can address your need. They won't know who you are unless you choose to share your identity.

Select Matches

Examine all the data sellers who claim to be able to solve your use case. Read through their detailed explanations of how their data can provide the insights you're looking for. Once you're ready to be connected, you'll be put in direct contact to start your evaluation or to ask for more detailed information.

Connect and evaluate

Nomad puts you in direct contact with experts at leading data providers. Our communications hub organizes all your data provider discussions, keeping you organized and keeping your search moving forward. Chat anonymously until you are comfortable sharing your identity.

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