Find better data.

Through machine learning and AI, we match your data request to the most relevant data providers.

You take it from there.

How it works
Tell us what you’re looking for
Describe your use case in detail and apply your desired parameters to the results.
We select relevant data providers
We anonymously route your request using machine learning and artificial intelligence to providers who have data that is most applicable to your need.
Providers EVALUATE AND respond to youR NEED
Each data seller examines your search, ensures their data is a good fit and responds with detailed information on how they can address your need.
They won't know who you are unless you choose to share your identity with them.
Review responses and select your providers
Evaluate all of the responses to your query and determine which providers best suit your need. When you're ready to engage, we’ll put you in direct contact with the providers.
connect and proceed
We put you in direct contact with experts from your chosen data providers. Our communications hub manages all your discussions – keeping you organized and helping your search move forward.
Chat anonymously until you are comfortable sharing your identity.
Navigate your data needs with confidence.
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Want to partner with us as a Data Seller?
Stop pitching your data and expertise to people that aren’t a good fit or don’t currently have a need.

  • Connect with data buyers at the moment their need for data arises
  • Cut out the middlemen – we connect you directly with the client
  • Maintain your privacy – we don't need access to your data
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Navigate your data needs with confidence.
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