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Data Category
Use Case Application
Using AI to transform earth sensor data, this provider produces geospatial insights on building footprints like building heights and ground elevations, tree maps, parking lots, land cover such as trees, shrubs, water, etc., canopy height, and more.
Marketing List
Consumer and business financial data allows users to create targeting models specific to product and segment audiences by leveraging thousands of financial variables including estimates of household income, household investable assets and business revenue.
Real Estate
Medical real estate databases that provides property characteristics, demographics, tax assessment data, see comparable properties, construction information, tenants and more. This provider can additionally analyze broader metro market statistics that include historical statistics on inventory growth, projected new deliveries as well as details on specific construction projects and sales transactions.
A healthcare provider database consisting of more than 7 million National Provider Identifier (NPI) records of healthcare individual and organization providers across pharmaceutical, labs, medical groups, recruitment companies, marketing companies, Revenue Cycle Management companies, government agencies, and health insurance companies.
Hundreds of publicly available business analytic metrics in 10+ industries and 200,000+ companies across Chinese consumer, internet and TMT related companies focusing in the e-commerce, offline retail, dining, consumer brands, real estate, job market, live streaming, online video and music, mobile applications, social media, O2O Services, education, and more help users gain insights into the financial wellness of such companies.
This provider conducts surveys using geolocation and hyper personalized targeting and combines questionnaires with pictures, videos, data scouting and audio recording in order to deliver insights on each clients specific needs.
Geospatial imagery allows users to gain insights on property level risks by assessing property level data like roofing conditions for commercial and residential properties, understand exposure in response to major events like catastrophe (CAT) strikes by analyzing ground based imagery, monitor ground movements around tailing dams, tailing beaches and the surrounding slopes to identify movement that could cause dam failure, monitor air quality by analyzing near real-time levels of air pollution, and more.
Collecting data from over 150 sell side banks, this provider covers consensus estimates that can be drilled down to company level metrics like company drivers and year over year growth and industry metrics such as financial and operating analysis.
NFT data including millions of NFTs across 15+ blockchains allows users to gain an understanding of the NFT transactions, buyer and seller information, transaction history, and market trends
This provider consolidates economic data from government sources to provide insights into underlying economic conditions at a zip code and state level, measure population changes between counties and states, and can allow for specific measurement of county-to-country population flow. Additionally, police department crime data from Chicago, Houston and New York City is also aggregated to provide insights on types of crimes occurring and where.