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Nomad Data was started by Brad Schneider in New York City in early 2020. After 5 years of running  Adaptive Management, a data analytics firm, Brad kept seeing businesses run into the same issues over and over again. Businesspeople understood the intelligence they wanted and understood their own use cases but didn’t understand the world of data. Translating these use cases into the right data sets was too large a hurdle to overcome.

Nomad’s goal is to create a marketplace of ideas and allow the experts in the data, the data providers themselves, to match the ideas to their data. We aim to help providers discover new use cases for their data and help them find potential customers who have an identified need.

By working directly with these same people and translating their use cases into a list of datasets it became much simpler for them to see the impact. As a result, the data purchase rate and the success rate of their efforts went up dramatically.

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