When your users can’t find the data they need internally you can uncover new relationships with Connect, bringing the entire world of external data to your fingertips in a matter of hours.

Run a free data request against the world's largest data market
Quickly connect with over 2,500 external data providers
Anonymously connect your entire organization to thousands of data vendors so they can quickly find the right data for every business, investment or product challenge.
Save time & money and increase efficiency
Eliminate countless hours spent googling for data, chasing down and evaluating too many options and sales follow ups.
Gain peace of mind with comprehensive coverage
Know that no stones have been unturned. If the data exists for sale, we’ll connect you to it.
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Sign up for a free account and create up to three data requests. We'll match them to providers who are most likely able to help and return anonymous responses. Like what you see? Just upgrade to a paid account to connect directly with the matched providers and more.
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Sign up for a paid account and create an unlimited number of requests. You'll be directly connected to providers who give you detailed information on how their data applies to your use case. Within hours you'll be ready to evaluate or purchase the data you need.
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New Providers

Rather than searching by use case, you can simply browse recently-added providers and their associated use cases. With a single click you can request to be connected; once the provider agrees you'll be put into direct contact.

Extended Request

Create an "open order" for data and have it continuously matched as new data providers join the platform or current providers add new products to their profiles.
Let our AI trained on nearly a decade of connections between use cases and data products suggest improvements to your Request Description in order to increase the quality of data provider responses.

AI search against your DRM

Before matching to pricey external data, make sure you don't already have an applicable dataset in house by letting our AI match requests to all providers, datasets, and past activities (ie data evaluations) in your DRM.
How it works
Describe your use case in detail
Nomad’s algorithms analyze vast amounts of use case data across its over 2,500 partners to determine the best fit and sends the request to several data providers
Data providers receive an email about the search and login to respond
Data providers give you detailed information on how their data applies to your need
You choose which providers best suit your need
The platform puts you in direct contact
Nomad's algorithms learn based on the connection
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