Corporations have been using their internal data for years to better understand their customers, their own performance and their supply chain. Thousands of companies have graduated from internal data sets and are moving into the world of external data. Whether you're interested in incorporating external data or selling your own internal data we can help you access the market while protecting your brand's reputation.

Why use external data?
External data allows you to see a much broader picture of what’s going on within a company or a market. Your internal data can't tell you what your customer's journey looks like. As soon as they leave your store, your website, or your sales channel you lose visibility. For customers you're looking to acquire, it's essential to understand them in order to effectively target them. External data allows your corporation to see the full picture.
  • Who am I gaining share from?
  • How are my competitors marketing to my client base?
  • I need data on my partners in order to better vet them - what technologies are my competitors buying that I should evaluate?
Where do corporations get stuck?
Corporations aren’t experts at mapping the world of external data providers. They are experts at their own business and can see where they lack visibility. Nomad makes it simple for you to anonymously submit your specific use cases to the data world and let the experts respond with detailed information on how they can help. Once they've found the right data, many corporations have in-house capabilities to get value out of it.