We work with corporations large and small across almost every industry imaginable to address critical business problems related to sales, marketing, strategy, operations, supply chain, competitive intelligence, HR, and more. Nomad can help ensure your knowledge workers always have the right data at their fingertips to make critical business decisions at scale.

How are corporates using data?
Your internal data can't tell you what's happening outside your organization. External data allows you to see a much broader picture of what’s going on within your competitive environment, providing a full picture of your prospects, customers, suppliers, and competitors.
  • Who am I gaining share from?
  • How are my competitors marketing to my client base?
  • I need data on my partners in order to better vet them - what technologies are my competitors buying that I should evaluate?
Curious what data is out there?
When you can’t find data internally to answer a question, you can always rely on us. Click below to browse just a handful of the exciting new data vendors added to the Nomad Data network each week.
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