Data Relationship Manager (DRMTM)

Track all interactions and relationships around data, internal and external, just like a CRM.

Centralize all data relationships in one system
Make Nomad Data your system of record for everything data, with records for each vendor, dataset, and contact.
Keep track of every interaction around data
Record each conversation, evaluation, purchase, and internal note, ensuring retention of institutional knowledge over time.
Manage all data subscriptions in one place
Monitor the progress of data evaluations across teams to avoid duplicative spend and be alerted to pending renewals as well as opt-out dates.
How it works
Quickly explore all data providers you’ve interacted with, either offline or via Nomad
Browse internal & external contacts related to a provider along with an activity feed of every interaction across your firm
Quickly add any activity to your records so it's retained for future exploration
Integrates with Connect to automatically track interactions initiated on Nomad
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