Consulting & Advisory

We work with consulting & advisory firms from the large multinational management consultancies to those specializing in particular practices or geographies. Nomad can help ensure your consultants have the best data on hand when advising your clients on important strategic decisions.

How are consultants using data?
Without external data, a company can only understand its market from its own point of view. External datasets can shed light on what happens outside of areas they can immediately see.
  • Where did my customer go after they left my store?
  • Is my competition hiring a new type of engineer to monetize a new technology?
  • Is there an opportunity to switch to a new supplier for a hard to find component?
Curious what data is out there?
When you can’t find data internally to answer a question, you can always rely on us. Click below to browse just a handful of the exciting new data vendors added to the Nomad Data network each week.
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