Connect at the point of search.

Stop pitching your data and expertise to people that don’t have a need or where the timing isn't right. Nomad connects you with the right buyers at the right time.

No more middlemen, just you and the client.

Connect with customers that need your data
No usage or transaction fees
We don't need access to your data
Why Nomad?
Understand the Buyer
Buyers submit a search with details explaining what intelligence or question they need answered.
Leads that fit you
Nomad will only route buyer requests to you whose needs match your data supply, ensuring you only consider high value leads.
Save your time
Choose which leads to engage with and explain how you can help solve their problem. Buyers only see your details once you respond. Only buyers who you reveal your identity to will know you're selling data.
1-to-1 chatting
If the buyer is interested they will initiate a conversation to verify the fit - no middlemen. You negotiate directly with the client,  control the contract and keep 100% of the sale.
Start receiving free, highly-qualified leads today.
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