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A single AI-powered platform to run your data org & empower every business user to discover, manage, and realize value from data in minutes.

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Empower your knowledge workers to make smarter decisions at any time, with the first and only data relationship management and discovery platform that quickly puts the right data in the right user's hands at the right time, driving revenue growth and cost savings.

Data Relationship Manager (DRMTM)
Track all interactions and relationships around data, internal and external, just like a CRM.
  • Centralize all data relationships in one system, with records for every vendor, dataset, and contact, just like a CRM
  • Keep track of every interaction, conversation, and internal note, ensuring retention of institutional knowledge over time
  • Manage all data subscriptions in one place, making Nomad Data your system of record for your entire data spend
  • Monitor progress of data evaluations across internal teams, avoiding duplicative spend
  • Be alerted to pending renewals and opt-out dates
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Enterprise Data Discovery
Data enable your entire organization by placing the power of data into the hands of every business user.
  • Easily provision Discovery accounts to anyone who can benefit from addressing problems with data
  • Designate Reviewers who triage requests to quickly connect users to existing solutions or release them into the Nomad Data network
  • Query against every past interaction with internal & external data across the organization, saving time and avoiding duplicative work
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When your users can’t find the data they need internally you can uncover new relationships with Connect, bringing the entire world of external data to your fingertips in a matter of hours.
  • Anonymously connect your entire organization with thousands of data vendors so they can quickly find the right data for every business, investment or product challenge
  • Eliminate countless hours spent googling for data, evaluating options and sales follow ups
  • Know that all stones have been unturned. If the data exists for sale, we’ll connect you to it
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The benefits with Nomad Data
Become a truly data-driven organization
Empower your employees to make better decisions by connecting them with the data they need to drive top line KPIs quickly.
Turn the central data organization from a cost center to a value driver
Find opportunities to reduce data spend and streamline your team’s process so they can help drive more operational efficiencies across the organization.
Elevate the central data organization
Cement your position as the hub for deriving value from your firm’s investment in data.
Curious what data is out there?
When you can’t find data internally to answer a question, you can always rely on us. Click below to browse just a handful of the exciting new data providers added to the Nomad Data network each week and submit a sample request.
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Want to partner with us as a Data Seller?
Stop pitching your data and expertise to people that aren’t a good fit or don’t currently have a need.

  • Connect with data buyers at the moment their need for data arises
  • Cut out the middlemen – we connect you directly with the client
  • Maintain your privacy – we don't need access to your data
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Navigate your data needs with confidence.
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