Asset Managers

Investment research is evolving from an analyst asking questions of a management team or a company’s customers to data analysts analyzing datasets, providing insight into a company’s behavior and into their customers’ behavior.

How are investment analysts using data?
Data allows you to see a much broader picture of what’s going on within a company or a market. Investors are using data to answer very specific questions they have about a business.

  • Who are they gaining share from?
  • How far do their customers travel to shop at their stores?
  • How many businesses have installed their product in their network?
Where do firms get stuck?
Investment firms are experts at understanding businesses and markets. However, oftentimes their research has gaps, areas where they lack visibility.

Nomad makes it easy for investors to find data which can fill those knowledge gaps. Simply explain what you're trying to uncover and let the data experts, those who own and maintain it, figure out if they can help.

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