Experienced data buyers discover unique Doorda data via Nomad Data

Nomad Data
August 4, 2023
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Doorda, a UK data provider specializing in property, business, and geo-demographic data, has partnered with Nomad Data to discover sophisticated data buyers who are looking to integrate new, officially published UK data into their workflows.

Doorda provides detailed joined-up data on UK properties, businesses, the population, and geographic areas. This allows analysts and data scientists to customize their classifications and analysis, leading to new insights and greater competitive advantage.  

Thanks to Nomad Data's AI-driven search and matching capabilities, Doorda regularly receives relevant enquiries from active data buyers across sectors including insurance, management consulting, private equity, asset management and hedge funds. These buyers seek accurate, reliable external data, such as Doorda’s, to augment their own data and enhance their analytical outcomes.  

Nomad Data connects data requests to Doorda based on text they’ve provided describing their data products and use cases, combined with information about the requests they've previously responded to. The Doorda data covers a variety of distinctive aspects such as the sizes, features, prices paid, and commercial occupancy of properties in the UK.

A tier-1 insurer with a highly sophisticated data culture recently turned to Nomad Data for new, very specific data requirements. Nomad Data’s platform swiftly matched them with Doorda; despite the two parties already being in touch on other use cases, neither was aware of the suitability of this new match. The efficient connection provided the insurer with access to rich, accurate, previously uncovered information about the internal details of commercial properties, such as the number of stories and the presence of parking or a basement, allowing them to improve their risk assessments and make more informed decisions.  

Finding data is difficult, and often far too specific to rely on company sales literature or web sites. Data buyers are often unaware that certain data they would love to obtain even exists, let alone that Doorda can provide it. Nomad Data is bridging the gap, letting companies avoid the searches, validation and time that is often needed to find potentially relevant data.

- Clifford McDowell, CEO of Doorda

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