Global trade and supply chain trends – New first-party logistics data now available

Nomad Data
April 5, 2022
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Nomad Data has partnered with a leading global logistics company to make industry-leading supply chain datasets more discoverable. Because of the company’s global footprint, our new partner can provide deep insights across geographies and markets to power operations, manufacturing, and transportation decisions.

With Nomad Data you can focus on specifying the use case you’re trying to solve for, and we’ll connect you with this industry leader if their data can inform on it. Some sample use cases identified for this data include:

  • Forecast trade activity through a combination of traditional economic statistics and the company’s real-time proprietary data
  • Monitor logistics bottlenecks via consumer and business demand measures, along with metrics on the state of logistical networks
  • Track maritime shipping timeframes globally, all the way from initial departure from the exporter to release to the importer
  • Understand comparative production costs across geographies

Our data and insights supplier can provide easily consumable indices or more granular data for buyers to dive deeper and glean their own insights tailored to their specific needs.

To be connected with this industry leader for your data needs, please log in to Nomad Data and share your specific use case.

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