Multinational CPG company gains key retail & brand insights through Nomad Data

Nomad Data
October 27, 2022
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A multinational consumer packaged goods (CPG) company turned to Nomad Data to discover datasets that provide insights on pet brand and retailer sales through popular e-commerce platforms. They were quickly matched to a handful of data vendors, among them 1010data, whose platform tracks the in-store and online purchasing behaviors of millions of US consumers. Within a few weeks the CPG company went from describing their use case to purchasing data that could address a top business intelligence priority.

The Market Insights Lead at the CPG company was able to log into the Nomad Data platform and quickly describe the business problem they were trying to solve. The search included a few sentences describing the specific use case and a handful of clarifying questions to qualify potential responses more easily. Anonymity was also important to this buyer, so they chose to hide their identity at the start of the search.

Once submitted this search was quickly routed via Nomad Data’s machine learning algorithm to six of the over 1,600 data vendors on the platform. One of these vendors, 1010data, received an email notifying their sales team of the new lead and were able to quickly log on, review, and respond to the search. The data vendor’s response triggered an email to the data buyer and upon reviewing and accepting the response, the two were directly connected.

The amount of data available to corporates, consultants, and investors is increasing at a rapid rate. With over 1,600 data providers and growing on the Nomad Data platform, business users can quickly sift through a cluttered data environment and connect their use cases to the handful of relevant data sellers. Because no one knows their data better than the sellers themselves, cutting out the middleman allows the parties to directly connect, making the process much more time efficient and each connection much more valuable.

I couldn’t believe how cost and time efficient utilizing this platform was! Being able to search an entire use case as opposed to picking out a few keywords made it easier for us to communicate what we were looking for and more quickly determine whether each data vendor could help us.

- Market Insights Lead, multinational CPG company

Nomad Data is a nice value-add for our sales team. Their ability to share detailed use cases for potential matches enables us to understand the client’s needs and better articulate our solution’s relevance to the buyer’s specific problem.

- Bass Khoury, Vice President - Retail & CPG Business Development, 1010data:

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