Global Pharma & Shopping Trends: New first-party pharmacy and retail data now available

Nomad Data
September 7, 2023
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Nomad Data has partnered with a leading global pharmacy-led health and retail company to make data driven business solutions more accessible. Because of the company's expansive retail footprint across three continents, multi-banner experience operating pharmacy, health, beauty and convenience retail formats, and trusted pharmacy relationships with millions of patients worldwide, our new partner can provide unmatched insights into consumer health patterns, front-end purchasing, pharmacy trends and overall retail shopper behaviors to inform smarter merchandising, marketing, and healthcare solutions.

With Nomad Data, you can focus on identifying the use case you’re trying to solve for, and we’ll connect you with this industry leader. Some sample use cases identified for this data include:

  • Forecasting front-end demand during seasonal periods like cough/cold season or holidays based on historical sales data.  
  • Predicting localized flu outbreaks by analyzing OTC medication sales patterns.  
  • Localizing assortments and inventory by store based on insights into regional sales patterns, demographics, and local customer demand.
  • Measuring effectiveness of promotional strategies by analyzing historical customer response to various offers across categories, banners, and customer segments.
  • Predicting specialty drug demand based on patient medication histories and demographics.  
  • Identifying physician specialties with greater medication adherence rates to focus retention efforts.

This pharmaceuticals and retail insights supplier can provide actionable guidance delivered via raw data extracts, reports, data tools, and expert insights for buyers to dive deeper and glean their own insights tailored to their specific needs.

To be connected with this industry leader for your data needs, please log in to Nomad Data and share your specific use case.

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