Nomad Data Adds its 2,500th Provider

Nomad Data
January 10, 2024
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Nomad Data, the preeminent platform for data relationship management and discovery, is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in its expansion. Celebrating the addition of its 2,500th data provider, Nomad Data cements its status as the preferred destination for the world’s largest data buyers in search of comprehensive and pertinent datasets tailored to their real-world applications.

The platform's true distinguishing feature lies in its unwavering commitment to depth of coverage. Nomad Data is constantly adding niche data from newly organized data providers and corporates beginning to monetize their internal data. This focus on depth of coverage ensures that data buyers can pinpoint datasets precisely aligned with their specific needs, providing them with invaluable insights and facilitating well-informed decision-making.

In contrast to public data exchanges or marketplaces, Nomad Data's platform offers a unique advantage through its closed ecosystem. Granting initial anonymity to data providers empowers them to share detailed non-public information about their datasets and use cases with confidence. Leveraging this secure environment enables Nomad Data to facilitate matches that were previously unattainable through conventional public web channels. The outcome is a robust and personalized matchmaking service, connecting buyers with datasets that would have eluded them otherwise.

"The inclusion of our 2,500th data provider underscores the trust sophisticated data buyers place in our platform," stated Brad Schneider, CEO of Nomad Data. "We believe 2024 will be the year of the corporate data explosion as companies are beginning to realize there are anonymized and compliant ways to bring their data to market. We’re excited to continue adding unique corporate providers and bringing our data buying community never before possible visibility into their markets."

With an ongoing commitment to expanding its diverse library of high-quality data providers, Nomad Data further cements its standing as the global market for commercial data. As the platform continues to flourish, businesses across diverse industries can unlock the full potential of their data-driven strategies.

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