Nomad Data Adds its 3,000th Provider

Nomad Data
June 12, 2024
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Nomad Data, the preeminent platform for data relationship management and discovery, is excited to announce a major milestone in its growth. By welcoming its 3,000th data provider, Nomad Data solidifies its position as the go-to resource for the world's most sophisticated data buyers seeking extensive and unique datasets.

What sets Nomad Data apart is its unwavering dedication to comprehensive coverage across all industries and geographies. The platform continually incorporates niche data from newly established data providers and corporations beginning to monetize their internal data. This emphasis on depth ensures that data buyers can find datasets perfectly suited to their specific needs, offering them invaluable insights and supporting well-informed decision-making.

Unlike traditional data exchanges or marketplaces, Nomad Data's platform offers a distinct advantage with its closed ecosystem. This system allows data providers to remain initially anonymous, enabling them to share detailed, non-public information about their datasets and use cases securely. This secure environment allows Nomad Data to create matches that were previously impossible through the public web, resulting in a robust and personalized matchmaking service that connects buyers with otherwise elusive datasets.

"The addition of our 3,000th data provider highlights the confidence data buyers and sellers have in our platform," said Brad Schneider, CEO of Nomad Data. "The corporate data surge we predicted at the start of the year has unfolded at an even more rapid pace than we originally anticipated, allowing us to accelerate the pace of provider additions to our network. The explosion in demand for LLM training datasets has driven corporates to more seriously consider monetizing their closely-held data and we're excited to make more of these and other corporate datasets available to our data buying community."

With its ongoing commitment to expanding its diverse collection of high-quality data providers, Nomad Data strengthens its role as the global marketplace for commercial data. As the platform grows, businesses across various industries can fully realize the potential of their data-driven strategies.

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