Nomad Data launches referral program for all in the datasphere

Nomad Data
May 29, 2024
At Nomad Data we help you find the right dataset to address any business problem. Submit your free data request describing your use case and you'll be connected with data providers from our over 3,000 partners who can address your exact need.
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Nomad Data is excited to announce the launch of our referral program. Companies across the globe are accelerating their adoption of external data and need software to build process around discovery of data, tracking of licensing and usage rights along with the data’s compliance to their internal policies.

Whether you’re a service provider advising companies around data usage, a consultant helping people get up the data learning curve or even an existing Nomad customer, we invite you to join us as we help the data industry mature. 

Email us at to discuss this opportunity to monetize your or your firm’s relationships with data practitioners across the globe.

Partners are welcome across our product suite:

  • Connect – The largest global data discovery platform with over 3000 data partners. Describe your data use case in natural language and quickly be connected to companies who have data that can help.
  • Data Relationship Manager – A firm-wide web-based platform to track all a company’s data vendor relationships, meetings, data testing, legal paperwork, data rights and more.
  • Document Search – Enterprise AI Document Processing Engine. Use cases range from large scale information extraction from documents, document verification and proofing, deal room due diligence, compliance documentation search and more.

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