Nomad Data Partners with Global Agriculture Company to make new ESG and Ag data available

Nomad Data
September 27, 2021
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Nomad Data has partnered with one of the leaders in the agriculture industry to bring powerful new datasets to market. Because of the company’s central position in its industry they provide unprecedented visibility into areas such as commodity prices at various stages in the food chain, ESG data ranging from deforestation to biodiversity, crop analytics and highly-granular weather data.

With Nomad Data you can focus on specifying the use case you’re trying to solve, and we’ll connect you with this industry leader if their data can inform on it. Some of the example use cases identified for this data include:

  • Track changes in sentiment around crops or livestock
  • Deforestation risk mapping for ESG use cases
  • Biodiversity tracking for ESG use cases
  • Track commodity swap rates across foodstock and metals
  • Track changes in shipping rates
  • Track growth in various countries through the volume of protein they are producing / importing
  • Examine historical weather model performance and forecasts for granular regions

Our data partner is a global fortune 500 company which sells products into every stage of the global food supply chain from seeds and animals to syrups, oils and fats. Historically data consumers have had to work with small agtech companies to get access to very limited amounts of data in this field. Through our partnerships data buyers can access datasets never before available to the market.

Our partner is extremely flexible in their delivery and pricing and is cutting the data down to the segments that customers need.

To be connected with this industry leader for your data need, please log in to Nomad Data and share your specific use case.

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