Nomad Data raises $1.6M pre-seed round to make external data discoverable for any business

Nomad Data
June 7, 2021
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At Nomad Data, we believe data will change how decisions are made, and today we’re excited to share that we have raised $1.6 million in pre-seed funding to power that vision, led by Bloomberg Beta. Also supporting us in the round are Alumni Ventures, Great Oaks Ventures, Correlation Ventures, DataFrame Ventures and a number of data-industry expert angel investors.

After more than a decade of working in the world of data, our team has seen an explosion in the number of companies selling datasets to help empower others. The problem we see for you, a would-be data user, is that the current data market structure requires you to be an expert at mapping your business use cases to the datasets that can address them. Nomad Data was built to help you focus on your core use cases for data and let our automated platform shepherd you to the true experts at the data, the businesses who own it.

“We have entered an era where decisions can be supported by an incredible depth and breadth of data, but the process is opaque. The Nomad Data team is taking a new approach to make this powerful data accessible and approachable to anyone.” – James Cham, partner at Bloomberg Beta. 

From changing consumer behavior to disrupted global supply chains: Nomad Data matters now more than ever.

For hundreds of years we have looked to past cycles and business patterns as a guide for the future (e.g., back to school or holiday shopping behavior). With COVID-19, there has been a step function change in the world of data. No longer can recent history tell us what is in store for a company, a consumer segment or a country. Accessing external data has become a necessity for understanding of-the-moment trends and shifts in the market.

Whether you are a retailer, an investor, a consultant, or a software company Nomad Data will provide you a simple, fast way to search through this landscape–leveraging the increasing amount of powerful, decision-fueling data being brought to market. 

Unleashing the power of the data market with Nomad  

We’ve been hard at work creating Nomad Data since late last year and we’re ecstatic about the traction we’re seeing already across industries and data types. We’re thrilled to be growing our team and iterating on our offerings to help you get the powerful data you need to inform your business. Reach out here to learn more and see if we can help you with your data market needs.

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