Nomad Data’s New AI-Native Conversational Interface Lets Users Talk to their Organization's Data

Nomad Data
October 17, 2023
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October 17, 2023 - Nomad Data, a premiere provider of data solutions, is excited to introduce an array of innovative features to its Data Relationship Manager (DRM) platform that are poised to reshape our understanding of the modern workplace in the Age of AI.

With these additional features Nomad Data offers a new AI-native platform that enables employees to interact with corporate data as if they were conversing with a colleague.

The feature additions are spearheaded by two generative AI-powered capabilities: DRM Search and Document Search. These advancements are set to revolutionize the way organizations harness their data assets, making it accessible to any end user without the intervention of internal data experts.

DRM Search

DRM Search empowers users to inquire about any data provider, dataset, or related activity stored within their DRM. DRM Search bridges the gap in organizations where data expertise is siloed and a universal source of data knowledge is elusive. As with any conversational AI interface users can simply pose questions, such as:

  • "Has anyone within our firm evaluated satellite imagery data with a resolution below two meters?"
  • "When was the last time someone spoke with vendor X, and what was discussed?"
  • “How many different competitive intelligence datasets does the firm currently pay for?”

By utilizing this generative AI-powered search alongside their DRM, organizations can tap into nearly a decade of data connections, profiles, and knowledge gathered from over 2,000 data providers. The result is quick, precise answers without the need for extensive manual data exploration.

Document Search

Document Search enables users to compile and utilize information scattered across numerous documents and locations. Users can ask questions about data contracts, deal documents or any other internal documents uploaded to the DRM, and the system will pinpoint where the information is available. For instance, users can ask: 

  • "When does the next agreement with vendor X come up for renewal? Is there a notice period to cancel an auto-renew?"
  • "Do any of our contracts require written consent to share data with third parties or consultants?"
  • “How much spend is committed across all contracts with vendor Y for the next fiscal year?”

Document Search ensures that critical information within documents is easily discoverable, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual review.

These two groundbreaking features leverage eight years of extensive training data —  developed from inquiries made to datasets among the world's most sophisticated, data-consuming organizations — combined with an organization’s own accrued data knowledge. 

In addition to DRM Search and Document Search, Nomad Data is currently developing two additional complimentary tools and services:

  • Data Spend Audit automatically extracts pricing details from uploaded data paperwork in order to provide insights into potential savings by identifying duplicative data spend and suggesting more cost-effective alternatives.

  • Intelligent Data Request Routing automates the connection between end users and the data they need. This feature employs Nomad Data's generative AI matching engine — trained on years of data connections and provider profiles — to route data requests to the internal or external data sources that are best suited to fulfill the users' needs. 

Nomad Data's latest feature additions to its DRM platform aim to empower organizations to effortlessly unlock the full potential of their data knowledge, enabling data-driven decision-making across all levels of the organization. With these innovations, Nomad Data continues to lead the way in simplifying data management and strategy for businesses worldwide.

About Nomad Data

Nomad Data is an AI-native platform that enables any company to understand their internal data and find external data that can power their decision-making. Nomad has over 2,000 data partners that span six continents, and has a range of AI features that make data synthesis, search and data-driven intelligence as easy as entering a prompt.

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