Get to know Nomad Data: Removing the opaque, prolonged process of finding external data

Brad Schneider
June 1, 2021
At Nomad Data we help you find the right dataset to address any business problem. Submit your free data request describing your use case and you'll be connected with data providers from our over 3,000 partners who can address your exact need.
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We started Nomad Data in early 2020, after seeing businesses run into the same issues over and over again with trying to tap into the world of data. We saw that businesspeople understood the intelligence they wanted, and understood their own use cases, but didn’t understand the complex landscape of data. Translating these use cases into the right data sets was too large a hurdle to overcome.

Our goal at Nomad Data is to create a marketplace of ideas and allow the experts in the data, the data providers themselves, to match the ideas to their data. If you’re looking for external data to help solve a specific problem, we will match you with a provider who can give you the datasets you need–quickly, with rich context.

Imagine you are a management consultant tasked with evaluating the auto classified market in Europe on behalf of a client.

You log into Nomad Data and enter your query: “We are looking to track the auto classified market in Europe. Specifically we want to see a breakdown by classified company of the online sources of traffic for each business.”

Nomad Data anonymously routes the description to 10 different data companies who respond if their data is a fit, and share how their data can answer your question.

You, the buyer, see the responses as they come in and choose who to connect with. It’s that simple. Within 24 hours you know who has the data you need and can begin an evaluation.

Whether you are a retailer, an investor, a consultant, or a software company, Nomad Data will provide you a simple, fast way to navigate the exploding quantity of datasets globally and get the information you need. Learn more here or drop us a note to chat about how we can help you tackle the data market.

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