Revelio Labs accelerates its data sales growth with Nomad Data

Nomad Data
June 23, 2021
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Revelio Labs, a data company focused on workforce intelligence, was able to quickly find a major new client in the investment management vertical through its partnership with Nomad Data.

In early April a global investment firm began a search for workforce related data. The investment firm’s goal was to better track the pedigree and career history of employees across a large number of companies in order to better understand and predict drivers of success for large corporations.

The investment firm turned to Nomad to find data providers who might be able to answer their questions. Within 5 minutes they had logged into Nomad’s online platform and created a quick search describing the specifics of their use case and their unique needs. Using sophisticated data matching algorithms the search was connected automatically to several data providers in the employment data sector. 

Ben Zweig, CEO and founder of Revelio Labs, received an email from the Nomad Data platform alerting him to the search. In under 5 minutes he had logged into Nomad and responded to the investor. His response triggered a message to the investor and upon reviewing and accepting Ben’s response, the two were directly connected. 

By removing the middleman, Nomad was able to quickly make the connection.  Nomad Data’s matching engine learns from each data search. Instead of having to rely on humans to remember which problems are best served by different datasets, all of that information is stored in Nomad Data’s knowledge graph.

The process was seamless from our end. We received an automated email and responded to the client’s request. Within a week we had begun an evaluation and within a month had made a strategic sale. The best part was that Nomad doesn’t take a cut of our revenues.

- Ben Zweig, CEO, Revelio Labs

Our experience with Nomad for our workplace analytics study is a perfect example of their value add.  Nomad reduced our search costs by allowing us to connect only to the most relevant data providers, and made communication with Revelio incredibly smooth.

- Managing Director, Investment firm

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