US Transaction Level Product Trends: New first-party POS data now available

Nomad Data
May 22, 2024
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Nomad Data has partnered with a leading point of sale software company to make data driven business solutions more accessible. Because of the company’s unique position collecting data from closed POS systems in over 26,000 independent small format stores nationwide, our new partner can provide visibility into transactional-level product data from smaller stores that are often not present in traditional transaction panels.  

With Nomad Data, you can focus on identifying the use case you’re trying to solve for, and we’ll connect you with this industry leader if their data can inform on it. Some sample use cases identified for this data include:

  • Spot category and manufacturer signals, which are often an early indicator of market shifts, before they reveal themselves through projected, syndicated data sources  
  • Understand behaviors of independent versus conventional convenience chains
  • Fine-tune product portfolios based on multicultural shopper preferences
  • Inform R&D and acquisition strategies by catering products to growing demographic segments for market success
  • Maximize growth within the urban retail sector by aligning with local trends
  • Reveal emerging product and flavor trends among multicultural shopper groups
  • Identify growth opportunities at the item/store level

This POS insights supplier can provide actionable guidance delivered via feeds, reports, expert insights and analysis & custom solutions for buyers to dive deeper and glean their own insights tailored to their specific needs.

To be connected with this industry leader for your data needs, please log in to Nomad Data and share your specific use case.

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