Webinar replay: How to maximize value from your data investments

Nomad Data
May 3, 2023
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On April 25th Nomad Data hosted a conversation between Doug Laney, Data & Analytics Innovation Fellow at West Monroe, and Brad Schneider, Founder & CEO of Nomad Data, on why it's important to treat your data as an asset and how to make it easy for end users to get the most out of it.

Watch the replay here: https://landing.nomad-data.com/insert-buzzword-post

There’s a veritable alphabet soup of buzzwords floating around these days between CDOs: data democratization, data literacy, data enablement, data-driven decision making, etc… Irrespective of the terminology and varied definitions, they are all driving at one thing: how do you maximize the value a firm extracts from their data assets and investments?

You'll learn how to go beyond just talking about “data as an asset” to actually treating it like one: measuring it, managing it, and monetizing. it similar to any other asset. Then you'll see how best-in-class organizations are connecting their data assets to their end users so they can put it to use making critical decisions in real-time.

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