Why We’re Making the World’s Largest Data Market Free to Search, Plus Two New Features

Nomad Data
March 20, 2024
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In keeping with our mandate to democratize the world’s data, we at Nomad Data are proud to announce we’re making the world’s largest collection of data completely free for everyone to search. 

Until now, only our subscribers had the ability to search our AI-powered marketplace for data, while others typically required countless hours, or a dedicated data sourcing professional, to scour the internet for a needle in a haystack. Now we’re opening up the vault and inviting everyone to take a look inside.

With this update anyone with a corporate email can submit a data request to our network of over 2,500 vendors to discover within hours if the critical data they are looking for is currently being sold. This update enables any business user the opportunity to explore our trove of privately-held data to ensure we’re able to provide the insights they’re looking for prior to subscribing.

This important step furthers our mission of broadening access to data and insights while enabling corporations to monetize their data assets at scale.

Two new ways to search for data

As the world’s preeminent platform for data relationship management — and the world’s largest data marketplace — we’re always on the hunt for new ways to better connect our clients with the data they need to make better decisions. That’s why, in addition to inviting anyone to explore our database for free we’re also launching two new features designed to help our existing users get even more out of our platform: New Providers and Extended Requests

New Providers

New Providers introduces a completely new way to interact with our market, and ensures our buyers aren’t missing out on opportunities to utilize new data sources that might be of use to them. We know many of our users come to Nomad Data with specific use-cases in mind, but there are often other opportunities that aren’t on their radar, or only become apparent once they’re made aware of the data that is available.

With New Providers users are no longer required to come to the table with a live use case on a specific topic or theme. Now buyers can simply browse recently-added data providers and their associated use cases to consider whether any could provide value. With a single click users can request to be connected, and once the provider agrees, they’ll be put into direct contact.

With this new feature, users are no longer limited to the use-cases they’ve identified themselves and can easily stay up-to-date on all the new providers hitting the data market. Our hope is that this new feature will spark new ideas and unlock new opportunities to utilize data assets in ways that hadn’t been explicitly identified before. 

Extended Requests

Until now, users that were unable to find the data they were looking for at the time of their search were simply out of luck, but the new Extended Requests feature lets them create an “open order” for their data need that remains live on our platform indefinitely. That means that the search continues on, with results updated each time a new provider joins the platform and as current providers add new products or use cases to their profiles. 

Now buyers can be assured their important, recurring, or extra hard-to-find data requests are being constantly actioned. Nomad Data adds over1,000 providers a year, so when that data becomes available the buyer and seller will be matched immediately, meaning buyers no longer need to run the same request periodically or worry about properly timing their request.

We at Nomad Data are certain these new features will go a long way in connecting more buyers and sellers of data, and our expansion to free search will dramatically expand access to data insights. As the largest global market for commercial data, we believe it is our responsibility to further the data economy by ensuring our buyers never miss an opportunity to access vital data resources, and that our sellers maximize their opportunity to cash in on their data assets.

To that end we’re excited to further lower the barrier to entry, enable more organic discovery, and ensure our users never miss the data they’re looking for. Together these features will advance our mission of democratizing data and empower every business to discover and manage game changing insights in minutes.

To explore the world of data on Nomad Data's platform or submit a free sample request, get started here.

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