Consultants are brought in to help a corporate management team gain better visibility into their own business or help them make a challenging decision regarding the direction of their company. External data can provide insights into their customers, their suppliers and their competition which is essential in choosing the correct path for the business.

Why use data?
Without external data, a company can only understand its market from its own point of view. External datasets can shed light on what happens outside of areas they can immediately see.
  • Where did my customer go after they left my store?
  • Is my competition hiring a new type of engineer to monetize a new technology?
  • Is there an opportunity to switch to a new supplier for a hard to find component?
Nomad Data for consultants
As a consultant you are an expert at getting up to speed on how a business works. You bring generalized problem solving skills and an outsider's perspective. In order to put these skills to work you need the right data to inform your client and to show them you bring insights they don't have. You are not an expert at the millions of datasets that exist but would know how to use them once you found them. Let us help you.