B2B Spend Data

B2B spend data
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Data, in general, and Big Data, in particular, can be extremely useful in understanding B2B spend. With the right set of datasets, business professionals can gain powerful insights on how and why B2B customers are spending their money. There are three main types of data that can provide insight into B2B transaction data: interest and intent data, product reviews data, and technographics data.

Interest and intent data is a type of online data that tracks online activity for individual companies. This data focuses on digital activity such as web browsing and searches, and can reveal how a company is researching products and services, as well as what they may be interested in purchasing. This data can reveal potential trends in B2B spending, such as what types of products or services are the most popular among certain types of companies. By looking at interest and intent data, companies can better understand their customer’s needs and tailor their offerings to meet those needs.

Product reviews are another source of data that can help businesses understand what types of B2B purchases their customers are making. Reviews provide insight into the quality of a product or service, as well as what customers actually think about a particular product or service. This type of data can help businesses identify the types of products that their customers are most likely to purchase, and can help them identify areas where their products or services need to be improved.

Finally, technographics data provides further insight into B2B spending. This type of data focuses on the technology used by companies. It reveals the types of software, hardware, or other technologies that customers are using, as well as insights into the types of companies that these technologies are most popular among. With this information, businesses can better understand the types of technology that their customers are using and can create tailored solutions that meet their customers’ needs.

By combining these datasets, businesses can gain powerful insights into B2B purchase behavior. Interest and intent data can reveal what types of products and services customers are researching and what their purchase intent may be. Product reviews can reveal the types of products their customers are likely to purchase and what areas may need improvement. Finally, technographics data can reveal which types of technology customers are using and can help businesses tailor solutions for those customers. By using these datasets, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of B2B spending and better anticipate their customers’ needs.
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