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Business insights data
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At Nomad Data we help you find the right dataset to address these types of needs and more. Sign up today and describe your business use case and you'll be connected with data vendors from our nearly 3000 partners who can address your exact need.
Since the rise of big data and its role in decision-making, business managers have had to adopt a new way of understanding how to obtain valuable insights into their business’s performance. By understanding the different sources of business data and how they can be used to gain insights, business professionals can make use of numerous data sources and datasets to decide how to best allocate resources and use their data to their advantage.

Business data refers to the myriad of information that can be collected on a business, such as financial statements, customer requests, employee performance, and many other aspects. By understanding the data that is available to a company, they can be better equipped to make decisions that will improve the company and its services. Business data is typically collected from a variety of sources, such as customer reviews, surveys, and internal records.

Financial data is another important dataset that companies use to obtain insights about their business. This data includes sales, profits and losses, financial ratios, and many other related metrics. By understanding the data that is available about a business’s finances, companies can have a better understanding of the success of their business. By understanding the financial data that is available, companies can also make smarter decisions about how to manage their finances going forward.

Human capital data is also a key source of insights into a business’s performance. Human capital data allows companies to get information on their employees and how they are performing. This data can provide companies with insights around employee morale, productivity, and employee engagement. By understanding these measures, companies can make changes that will improve their workforce and overall improve the performance of the business.

NLP (Natural Language Processing) data is a powerful tool that allows businesses to gain insight into their operations by analyzing textual data sources. NLP data can provide insight into customers’ feelings and needs, or provide predictive analytics on certain situations. This data can be particularly useful for companies looking to make changes to their product offerings or customer service approaches.

Technographics data is also a valuable dataset for businesses to use. Technographic data provides businesses with insights into the types of technologies that their customers are using, as well as the types of technologies their competitors are using. By understanding this data, companies can make more informed decisions regarding the technologies they should be investing in and using.

Finally, web scraping data is also an incredibly useful source of insights for businesses. Web scraping is a method for collecting data from websites, such as web pages, product reviews, and social media posts. Although the data gathered by web scraping is less reliable than the data used in business data and NLP data, it can still provide businesses with insight on how people are being affected by their products or services. Web scraping data can also be used to monitor competitors and monitor the performance of their products or services.

By making use of the different types of business data and datasets discussed above, business professionals can obtain insights on global business trends in the IT/network/mobility/telco space. This data can provide information at the company level, for example projects, pain points and challenges, awards, M&A activity, and company personnel information. Business data can help professionals better understand the changes occurring in their industry and the overall success of their business. With this data, business managers can then make decisions that will help to improve the performance of their business.
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