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Cable companies data
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In the modern era of data driven business decisions, data about customer behavior, contacts, research, and telecom can be used to generate meaningful insights about cable companies. This type of data analysis can provide invaluable guidance to industry professionals through a better understanding of not only cable companies’ current operations, but also potential paths for success and growth. Through a closer examination of the individual data sources and combined datasets, greater clarity into the past, current, and future of cable companies can be unearthed.

One of the key datasets which executives in the cable industry must evaluate to understand trends in broadband net / gross adds for the main cable companies is Consumer Behavior Data. By leveraging data points such as customer demographics, companies can more accurately interpret who is being targeted and whether the message and offering is reaching the intended target. This can provide an instant and almost real-time read into broadband net / gross adds, as well as offer insight into factors such as the efficacy of a brand’s messaging or the value of the products and services offered.

A second dataset that can help to gain further insight into cable companies is Contact Data. Information such as a customer’s phone number, email address, and other contact information can be analyzed to understand who is being contacted and how often. This data can also be used to review what communication techniques are most successful, and to further understand how marketing campaigns generate new or retain existing customers.

Research Data can also be useful when seeking to understand trends in broadband net / gross adds. Specifically, research conducted among cable subscribers can provide valuable market insights into brand loyalty and which products and services consumers find to be of most value. This data can help to determine which initiatives will be most beneficial in gaining customers, retaining loyal customers, and increasing overall profits.

Finally, Telecom Data is yet another dataset which cable companies use to understand their own operations and competition. Telecom-related data such as types of cable packages offered, Internet connection speeds, and customer service wait times can provide deep insights into the success of cable suppliers and a gauge of how competitors are faring in the market.

Through a more comprehensive approach to data usage, cable companies can make use of a variety of datasets to gain invaluable insights into broader trends of broadband net / gross adds. Understanding why customers are subscribing to certain services, staying with their existing provider, or leaving altogether can be used to direct marketing efforts and improve the customer experience. By taking advantage of readily-available sources of data, cable companies can stay ahead of the competition and remain poised to succeed in an increasingly-competitive environment.
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