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At Nomad Data we help you find the right dataset to address these types of needs and more. Sign up today and describe your business use case and you'll be connected with data vendors from our nearly 3000 partners who can address your exact need.
Data is becoming an increasingly integral part of the modern business landscape, and a wide range of sophisticated datasets are being used to gain better insights into a variety of industries. Alternative Data, Geolocation Data, Transaction Data, and Web Traffic Data are all examples of powerful datasets that can be used to understand how an organization such as J Jill is performing in the competitive retail landscape. By effectively utilizing these datasets to understand sales, both in store and online, business professionals can gain valuable insights that will enable them to make better decisions, increase sales, and improve their competitive advantage.

Alternative data is information that is derived from sources other than traditional financial or market data, such as television programs, newspaper articles, or web search behavior. By using this type of data, businesses can gain insights into how consumers are engaging with their products or services. For example, by analyzing alternative data, J Jill could gain insights through understanding which television programs their target consumers are watching and how their ads are being received, or what topics are trending in web searches related to their products.

Geolocation data involves collecting and analyzing various types of location information, such as GPS coordinates, IP addresses, and mobile celltower locations. Such data can be used to gain insights into the presence and behavior of customers in physical stores, as well as in online accounts. For J Jill, geolocation data could be used to gain a better understanding of their foot traffic, as well as to better target their ads and offers, creating a more engaging and lucrative shopping experience for customers.

Transaction data is information gathered from customer purchases. This data can be used to better understand the purchase behavior of shoppers and to gain insights into trends in their buying habits. For J Jill, transaction data could be used to understand what types of items customers are buying, how often they’re buying them, and how much they’re spending. This information can then be used to inform decisions about product assortment, discounts and promotions, and pricing strategies.

Finally, web traffic data involves the collection and analysis of data related to the traffic of a website. Such data can be used to gain insights into how people are engaging with J Jill’s website, including which pages are being viewed the most, what topics are resonating with customers, and how customers are responding to advertisements and promotions. This data can help J Jill better understand what customers are interested in, as well as how to best engage with them in order to improve sales.

As these datasets are used together, they can help J Jill better understand their shoppers and ultimately improve sales. Such datasets allow businesses to gain an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior, enabling them to make more informed decisions about product assortment and pricing, enabling them to remain competitive in the ever-evolving retail space. Data-driven insights can help businesses such as J Jill better position themselves for success in the modern age.
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