Music Streaming Data

Music streaming data
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Music streaming has become an increasingly prevalent form of music consumption, and with it, a need to understand songs and artists’ performance on different streaming platforms. Fortunately, major companies such as Entertainment Data have developed datasets that allow business professionals to gain insights that would otherwise have been unavailable, helping them make decisions more quickly and efficiently.

At the most basic level, datasets provide important key metrics such as total plays, total plays per week, and total plays per month. Knowing this information can help industry professionals answer questions such as which songs and artists are the most popular right now, or which have been the most reliable over time. Similarly, data like this can be used to compare performance across different streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. On top of that, datasets can include more detailed information that can be used to further inform decisions. For example, rankings for individual countries and cities can be reported in order to see which markets are responding best or selling the most.

Beyond listening data, datasets can provide valuable insights beyond simply knowing how well songs and artists are doing. Beyond user data, datasets often include demographic information such as age and gender, which can used to create a better understanding of specific markets and how they are engaged with the music. Similarly, data regarding recent events, trends, and sample sizes can be used to hint at upcoming shifts in the industry. This provides an even more nuanced understanding of the industry, taking into account external factors that may be difficult to observe otherwise.

All in all, Music streaming data has become a crucial tool for professionals navigating the music landscape. Datasets provided by major companies such as Entertainment Data allow better insights than ever before, with in-depth metrics and trends that give a more complete picture of the industry. Being able to identify where growth opportunities are, or how well a song or artist is performing on different streaming platforms, is invaluable to any business for making smart and informed decisions.
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