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Social media data
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At Nomad Data we help you find the right dataset to address these types of needs and more. Sign up today and describe your business use case and you'll be connected with data vendors from our nearly 3000 partners who can address your exact need.
Social media has become an unstoppable force in today’s interconnected world. It’s an amazing way to stay abreast of rapidly changing trends and to keep track of one’s customers in real time. An increasing number of businesses now use social media as a tool for customer acquisition and for building relationships with their customer base.

Making the most effective use of social media requires a great deal of intelligence. This intelligence can come from multiple data sources, from “marketing intelligence data” to “people data” and even from “web scraping data.” Utilizing these datasets to the fullest can help businesses get better insights about their customers, optimize their social media strategies, and target their content and campaigns for maximum impact.

Marketing intelligence data can help businesses identify target audiences, develop customized social media campaigns, and measure the success of these campaigns with better accuracy. This data can provide valuable insights into customer behavior, likes and dislikes, purchase patterns and preferences, as well as determine which prospects are most likely to convert. This type of data could help validate customer identity, assess fraud propensity, or profile behaviors that could be indicative of fraudulent activity.

People data can be used to gain a better understanding of customers’ interests, their needs, their likes and dislikes, and their motivations. Insight into the social networks of customers (and their influencers) can help businesses anticipate customer behavior and tailor their messaging appropriately. Knowing who customers associate with and which networks they belong to can provide an even more detailed view of their tastes, preferences and wants.

Web scraping data is a form of “big data” that yields vast amounts of structured and unstructured data from the web. It can be used to collect insights from social media conversations at scale. Businesses can use web crawling to collect user-generated content from forums, message boards and other online sources. This data can then be used to gain an understanding of customer attitudes, behaviour and preferences, as well as the latest trends in their respective industries.

To sum it up, using data such as marketing intelligence data, people data, and web scraping data can help businesses get better insights into their customers’ behaviour and preferences, and make smarter decisions when it comes to their social media strategy. They can not only tailor content and campaigns to maximize their ROI, but they can also detect fraudulent activities using these data sources. Ultimately, this data is invaluable in helping businesses and professionals better understand their customers and give the best possible user experience.
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