INRIX U.S. National Traffic Volume Synopsis: Issue #6 (April 18 – 24, 2020)

Rick Schuman
April 26, 2020
By Rick Schuman, VP, P Americas ( This is the sixth edition of a weekly review of changes in road traffic demand in the United States from the COVID-19 virus spread and our collective response. We will endeavor to publish this Synopsis every Monday for the foreseeable future, providing results through Friday of the previous week. For those interested in detailed information with daily updates, we have introduced the . Key Findings Travel is rebounding, across the country and in all vehicle types Nationwide personal travel back levels last recorded on Friday, March 27 th , four weeks ago Nationally, when compared to typical travel, Week 6 (Saturday, April 18 – Friday, April 24) saw: Personal travel down 41% vs. 46% in Week 5, increasing daily since April 15 th Long haul truck travel down 9% vs. 13% in Week 5, increasing daily since April 16 th Local fleets in Metro Areas down 7% vs. 9% in Week 5 Travel decline leaders in Week 6: Statewide Personal Travel: New Jersey, down 58% vs. 60% last week Statewide Long Haul Truck Travel: Michigan, down 35% vs. 37% last week Metro Area Personal Travel: New York City, down 60% vs. 62% last week Metro Area Local Fleets: Detroit, down 44% vs. 48% last week Background

Our incoming data sources (The ‘INRIX Fleet’) provides anonymous speed/location reporting to us in real-time and generates over 100 million trips, traveling over 1 billion total miles per day across the US. The INRIX Fleet provides information about all roads in the national network, not just major roads and spans....
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