NBA Finals Drive Ratings in Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX

Caleb White
June 19, 2023
Market: Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX
Hours of TV Viewed: 94 Million
TV Households: 2,224,731
National Rank: #5
With 94M hours viewed this week, the Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX market continues to pull in some of the highest viewership in the country.On broadcast networks, it was all about the NBA Finals on WFAA (ABC.) Despite the Dallas Mavericks not making a Finals appearance, DFW residents still tuned in and earned a live HH rating of 10.5 for the series. On cable networks, FOX News Channel had a strong week, earning all five positions in our weekly cable series ranking. At the top of this list was Jesse Waters Primetime, which pulled in an average live household rating of 1.5 for the week.FOX News Channel’s success translated over to the cable network ranking as well, earning the number one position for the week with an average live household ranking of 1.0. On the broadcast side, KDFW (FOX) earned the number one position for the week with an average live household rating of 2.8.Check out these insights and our local network viewer persona below, and stay tuned to see which market we spotlight next week!
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Source: Comscore TV, Preliminary Data, Jun. 5-11, 2023, US.
Source: Comscore Social, PowerRankings, Jun. 5-11, 2023, US.*Disclaimer: All preliminary data should be used for directional purposes only
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