U.S. Open Outpaces the NBA Finals in Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL

Caleb White
June 25, 2023
Local TV Snapshot: June 12 -18, 2023

Market: Tampa – St. Petersburg, FL
Hours of TV Viewed: 66 Million
TV Households: 1,511,551
National Rank: #15


Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL residents had plenty of sports to choose from this week, as the market earned over 66 million total hours of live television viewed.
On broadcast networks, Sunday’s U.S. Open Golf onWFLA (NBC)earned the highest live household rating of the week, with a 7.3. This telecast outpaced even the NBA Finals onWFTS (ABC)which earned a live household rating of 6.0. Amongst cable series, it was The Five onFOX News Channelthat topped our series ranking with a live household average rating of 3.4. FOX News Channelalso earned the other four positions in our series ranking, pointing to a particularly strong week for the network in the Tampa-St. Petersburg market.
On the network side,WFLA (NBC)earned the number one position amongst broadcast networks with a live household rating of 2.1 throughout the week.WTVT (FOX) was not far behind though, earning a live household rating of 2.0. On cable,FOX News Channelcontinued to see success, earning the number one position with an average live household rating of 1.7.
Check out these insights and our local network viewer persona below, and stay tuned to see which market we spotlight next week!

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