Enterprise Data Discovery

Data enable your entire organization by placing the power of data into the hands of every business user.

Empower every knowledge worker to find relevant data
Easily provision accounts to anyone who might benefit from searching for data in order to address their business problems.
Connect users to the right data in minutes
Designate Reviewers to triage requests and quickly connect users to existing solutions or release them into the Nomad Data network of over 2,000 data providers.
Build a database of every use case across the firm
Query against every past interaction with internal & external data across the organization, saving time and avoiding duplicative work.
Automatically connect end users to the data they need to address their business problems. Allow our generative AI matching engine trained on nearly a decade of connections between use cases and data products and the profiles of over 2,000 data providers to automatically route users’ data requests to internal or external data that can likely address their needs. Want to stay in the loop? You can review each recommended routing before released to the user.

Connect with internal experts

Don't waste time evaluating datasets/providers when someone internally as already put in the work. Let our AI-powered search connect you to internal experts on datasets relevant to your use case before you start looking externally.

Integrate with your current process

Already have an email inbox or Instant Message channel set up to handle data requests? In a few simple steps you can have these requests routed automatically into your Reviewer flow in Nomad Data so you’re storing & tracking all data requests, records, and activities in one system of record.

Request Description Suggestions

Let our AI trained on nearly a decade of connections between use cases and data products suggest improvements to your [end users’] Request Description in order to increase the quality of data provider responses.

AI search against your DRM

Before matching [end users] to pricey external data, make sure you don't already have an applicable dataset in house by letting our AI match requests to all providers, datasets, and past activities (ie data evaluations) in your DRM.
How it works
Unified portal for anyone in your organization to request data or research
A central Reviewer evaluates the request to confirm if the firm already purchases or creates the needed information
All of the firm's past requests can be searched against for similar use cases
See exactly what happened in the past to inform how to proceed
Reviewer responds, letting the user know where the information they need exists
Or with a single click, the Reviewer can send the request into Nomad's network of over 2,000 data providers
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