Nomad Data CEO, Brad Schneider, Interview on ADN

Alternative Data News
June 21, 2021

Podcast can be accessed here.

In this episode of Alternative Data News, we speak with Brad Schneider, CEO of NoMad Data.

NoMad Data is a data discovery platform that uses AI and machine learning to match business decision-makers with an identified need to vendors who can supply the datasets to address their use case. Prior to NoMad Data, Brad was the Founder and CEO of Adaptive Management, a data analytics firm that was acquired by Knoema. Before this Brad was a Portfolio Manager at Tiger Management, and a Managing Director at Jericho Capital.

We kick off the episode by diving into why Brad started NoMad Data and what he hopes to achieve on this new venture. We discuss hedge funds, private equity firms, and how corporates are still in the early innings of using alternative data. The episode concludes with Brad's advice to new data vendors, his experience with his recent raise, and what he did during the pandemic.

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