Nomad Data partners with leading management consulting firm having one of the broadest portfolios of consumer datasets

Nomad Data
October 11, 2022

Nomad Data has partnered with a leading global management consulting firm to provide one of the broadest portfolios of 40+ consumer-focused datasets on the market today. Because of the company’s deep expertise developed from over 1,000 custom projects, they can provide granular, accurate and real-time competitive intelligence and customer insights in all major geographic markets across both online and offline channels.

With Nomad Data you can focus on specifying the use case you’re trying to solve for, and we’ll connect you with this industry leader if their data can inform on it. Some sample use cases identified for this data include:

  • Track online market share on Amazon and other large e-commerce merchants at a granular level (sub-category, city/state)
  • Understand a competitor’s product assortment and top selling SKUs in a given category
  • Increase effectiveness of your online promotions by targeting consumers with specific observed purchase behaviors
  • Determine where else your customers shop and what they buy
  • Understand how loyal your customers are relative to your competitors

Our partner is the alternative data and analytics division of a top-tier global management consulting firm, enabling unrivaled access to best-in-class alternative data. They offer custom analytics projects as well as several SaaS products covering core consumer-focused markets, including Grocery & CPG, Restaurants, General Merchandise, and Amazon.

To be connected with this industry leader for your data needs, please log in to Nomad Data and share your specific use case.

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