Presentation: Bursting out of your Data Bubble: An Expert Panel Discussion on External Data

Nomad Data
August 24, 2022

A recap from the 2022 MIT CDOIQ conference session on External Data

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Douglas Laney, West Monroe

Mark Hookey, Demsyt

Brad Schneider, Nomad Data

External data is the next frontier in data analytics. Even as many firms successfully use their internal data for better decision making, increasingly they are turning to external datasets to further improve visibility and execution in areas such as sales targeting, tracking custom journeys, background screening, supply chain monitoring, competitor monitoring and others. In this discussion we will dive into the types of data available, how to find and get access to it, and into several specific use cases on how companies across multiple sectors are using external data to drive improved business outcomes. The external data market is accelerating quickly. This expert session will better prepare you to be an early and successful adopter to help your organization realize the outsized benefits that come along with it.

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