Techsalerator drives high revenue growth partnering with Nomad Data to meet qualified data buyers across industries

Nomad Data
November 4, 2022

Techsalerator, the leading global business and consumer data sourcing company, has increasingly built new client relationships via its participation on the Nomad Data platform.

In October of last year one of the leading US private equity firms initiated a search for a list of all the small companies in a niche industry across the United States and Canada. The customer turned to Nomad to find the best partner for this detailed and niche project, which required deep firmographic data elements, both current and historical, such as revenue and number of employees. Nomad’s data matching algorithms connected this private equity fund with Techsalerator in minutes, and in less than 24 hours a deal was signed.

Since then, Techsalerator’s presence on Nomad has helped customers across the industry spectrum to acquire the right datasets. Buyers from varied sectors such as investment banks, insurance & healthcare providers, and marketing analytics companies have been increasingly purchasing Techsalerator’s differentiated Global Historical Financial, Global Entity Linkage, and B2B2C data after introductions via Nomad. Often time these buyers return to Techsalerator after first being connected on Nomad to purchase additional products.

Each time a new request matched to Techsalerator’s profile multiple sales team members received an email alerting them to the search. Within minutes one team member picked up the request and responded to the buyer by simply logging into Nomad and entering a short response. This triggered messages to the buyer and upon reviewing and accepting Techsalerator’s response the two were directly connected.

Over time as Techsalerator launched new products they were quickly able to update their anonymous Nomad profile. This ensured Nomad’s knowledge graph expanded its understanding of the datasets available and automatically started routing more requests to Techsalerator.

Nomad’s algorithm is very unique as it saves time for both buyers and sellers. Demand and supply are already well defined by the platform’s matching engine so we don’t waste time with unqualified leads on Nomad. Our Business Development team is always jumping on each Nomad request as they are aware of our high closing rates with this channel.
- Max Wahba, CEO of Techsalerator

Nomad has saved me countless hours manually searching the web for data vendors to address a wide variety of topics. Given we provide marketing services across multiple industries, we need to get niche data in hand at a moment's notice to quickly drive client outcomes. We've met multiple new vendors through Nomad and are often reintroduced to them on use cases we wouldn't have thought would be a fit, saving us more time getting up to speed on each new client initiative.
- Michael Colucci - Manager, Data Acquisition and Partnerships, Bridgetree

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