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When you can’t find the data you need internally Nomad Data can quickly connect your use case to nearly 2,000 external data providers who will promptly respond outlining how they can help.

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Data Category
Use Case Application
Medical device and hospital procurement data allow users to gain insights on public and private manufacturers and vendors.
Domain, IP, and DNS data allow users to gain insights on cyber threats and network visibility.
Real Estate
Trading, research, risk management, surveillance, and portfolio management datapoints allow users to gain insights on the structured finance, CMBS, commercial real estate and banking markets.
Consumer debit and credit card transaction data allow users to gain insights on consumer behaviors, trends, and credit risk.
Global panels sourced from online discussion, focus groups, in depth interviews, and mobile ethnography allows users to gain insights on both qualitative and quantitative key metrics from a specific target audience.
Payment metadata allows users to gain insights on the payment ecosystem and properly manage fraud risk
Real Estate
Global coworking and flexible workspace data allows users to gain insights on pricing and demand trends.
Alternative data in both raw and signal form that covers web traffic, sentiment, broker data, ESG, and innovation allows users to gain insights on forecasting fundamentals, returns and risk of specific companies or sectors.
Sector, company and asset level impact data in addition to regulatory SFDR PAI proxy data for non-reporting companies allows users to gain insights on impacts of the world economy on the human, natural, social, manufactured and social impact.
Real Estate
Property-level information including full ownership and management contact information, loan maturity schedules, rent, and occupancy and sales history allows users to gain insights on multifamily, student housing, office, industrial and self storage property types.