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Data Category
Use Case Application
Sales and Pricing
Collectible asset insights enable companies to monitor, analyze, and understand the value and market dynamics of physical assets such as art, collectibles, memorabilia, wine, watches, gems, sneakers, cars, coins and more.
Hourly mobile location data feeds allow users to gain insights on real time world human movement trends and consumer behavior and activity.
This vendor has a broad range of financial market data covering areas ranging from corporate actions to pricing, liquidity and reference data across equities, fixed income and derivatives.
A mix of web scraped and first party data allows users to gain insights on company market share, consumer behavior and competitive intelligence across ecommerce & retail, food & delivery, ridesharing, online gambling, and payments.
Build and execute B2B market surveys quickly. Choose between hundreds of audience attributes to survey the exact buyer profile you need.
News and Event
Realtime and archived news data along with news analytics can help power machine learning and media monitoring.
Broad healthcare claims and patient journey data ranging from hospitals all the way to family therapists, massage therapists, Social Workers and many more healthcare provider types. Especially strong coverage in the Western United States.
This dataset can be used to create rich buyer profiles to be used in omnichannel sales targeting. Reach consumers on an individual and household level.
Vehicle database and marketplace metadata allow users to gain insights on supply, demand, and pricing trends on vehicles in the primary and secondary markets.
This dataset provides visibility into nearly 500 hospitals and 50 million medical claims. Track what drugs are being used to treat different conditions. Track what hospital procedures are increasing or decreasing. Track what conditions are being treated at different hospitals.