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Data Category
Use Case Application
Deidentified health information focused in long-term and post acute care collected from over 21,000 providers and 1,300 hospitals allows users to understand outcomes and biomarkers, treatments and therapies, claims and cost, and more.
Vehicle location data and analytics collected from license plates helps users reach their customers, locate their assets, prioritize collections activity, manage risk, uncover fraud and identify rate evasion.
Policymaker and public sector professional information allows users to track people who move across government, business, lobbying firms, or media; track legislation and find advocates on Capitol Hill; and track bills through major stages such as introduction, committee, and floor votes.
Global wealth sector b2b consulting, events and data with a focus on high net worth and over 2,500 single family offices.
European business intelligence that provides analysis on sectors and over 80 million private companies and ownerships.
Real Estate
NYC property focused data that provides insights on tax delinquencies, property owners, mailing lists, market trends, demographic information and neighborhood analysis.
Focusing on the health & wellness ecommerce industry across 180+ countries, 10 million customers and 30k+ SKUs, this provider can provide transactional, product, and line item details that provide insights on purchase behavior, order values and volumes, product purchases and brand interest, as well as product pricing, categories and shipping.
TV Measurement
Smart TV viewing data with over 20 million opted in TVs across various devices can provide insights on viewing behavior across platforms with the opportunity to enrich internal data.
This provider tracks waterborne energy trades including onshore crude inventories, offshore floating storage, and cushing crude inventory data.
Comprehensive medical data in Japan that provides insights on hospital management improvement applications, hospital management support systems, DPC analysis benchmark systems, and information utilization platforms with tools for analyzing patient numbers and prescription volumes, supporting epidemiological surveys, and understanding the patient journey for specific diseases.